Can Test Clear Help You Pass A Drug Test?

If you’ve ever wondered how you can beat a drug test, you’ve come to the right place and this Test Clear Review will give you what you need.  I’ve personally used this website that I’m going to recommend you visit and have beat drug tests multiple times.  Today I’ll share with you my personal experiences and explain why this can work for you.

How to Beat A Drug Test Using 3 Different Methods

Several companies including some big names from the fortune 500 companies of the world now require you to pass drug tests before you can join them. Some of these companies set policies that require you, the employee, to go through random drug tests. Can Test Clear help you? Lets find out…

Drug tests are a nuisance especially if you do recreational drugs and don’t want to end up getting fired from job. If you want to continue your employment and still do recreational marijuana, you are in luck. There are several ways you can detoxify your body of toxins so that drug tests are always negative.

We are going to look at the three most popular ways of passing your drug test without giving up weed.

First of all, you need to find out how your company tests you for drugs. The most popular and inexpensive method for testing for drugs is through urine samples. Other tests include blood samples, hair samples and saliva samples.

3 Methods To Test Clear

  1. Through urine – If you’ve been asked to test for drugs through urine, you can easily pass this drug test by using something called the powdered urine. This product is also often referred to as synthetic or dehydrated urine.

Companies have come up with a way to dehydrate real human urine into fine powder. This powder is sold in pouches and comes with a kit that includes a heater strip and a test vial. All you need to do is mix the dehydrated or powdered urine in the vial with water and bring it up to the right temperature using the heater strip provided. Once you complete the vital steps, you will have 100% real human urine ready to be tested and free from all toxins.

Using Fake Urine is like Using Fake Money

  1. Through detoxification – If you are doubtful of the powdered urine and still want to clear your drug test, you could use the detoxification method. The detoxification method is simple, all you need to do is get yourself a detoxification drink, most commonly known as the Ready Clean Detoxify. This complete detoxifying drink goes into your body and opens up a detoxification window of four hours. Within this four hours, all your toxins are removed and you are safe to give any kind of method including blood, urine and hair.
  2. Through Shampoo – A lot of companies require you to go through a hair drug test. In this test you are to provide hair sample to a laboratory for a drug test. Toxins are collected in the second layer of your hair shaft. By using something called Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo and Ultra Clean shampoo, you can easily bypass a test by clearing all toxins from your hair. The shampoo breaks of the layers in your hair shaft and cleans it completely so not toxins are left there.

Aloe Rid Detoxifying Shampoo
When going for a drug test, you must make sure that you stop using marijuana or any other drug 10 days prior to your test. If you are going for the detoxifying method, adapt a clean diet so your metabolism is fast and the detoxification is smooth. And this Test Clear Review is just beginning…

Next, let’s delve into testing for weed.

Testing Clear for Weed – How It Works

When Is Testing Usually Required?

As a new employee, your employer will expect you to submit drug tests in order to clear you as a candidate. Most companies will do this and especially if you have applied for a position or a job where you are required to be absolutely free of any kind of influence, you will have to be subject to regular and random drug tests. Your position can directly affect the number of times you will be tested for drugs. These positions can include driving, delivering goods, dealing with customers.

The most common method of drug testing used in companies is a urine test also called a urinalysis (which Test Clear can beat). This is a cheap test that requires you to submit a urine sample that can be simply analyzed in a lab. However, this is not known to be the most accurate form of drug testing. Your company will use this test, however because it will ultimately save them hundreds of dollars on blood tests.

Some of us do tend to do recreational drugs every now and then, weed being the most common of them. Employees are regularly tested for using weed through urine tests which is also a good thing. It is important to know how long weed stays in one’s system.

How the Test Works

The basic principle for any kind of testing done for drugs revolves around the principle of metabolism. When you take any kind of drug, it does not stay in its pure form in your bloodstream; instead through a series of chemical reactions in your body, it breaks down in to smaller units. When you are tested for drugs, the test focuses on measuring the levels of these smaller units. For weed, the main ingredient is THC. However, once processed by your liver, it becomes THC- COOH and this is what a urine test measures. THC-COOH also has the tendency to stay longer in your system than THC.

What Are Acceptable Levels of THC-COOH?

Every company will have different acceptable levels of THC-COOH for their employees. Most companies have set the limit for 50 ng/ml to clear their employees. Some companies however, expect levels as low as 20 ng/ml or as high as 100 ng/ml. Depending on your job, these levels vary. Test Clear can help you pass any of these.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?

It is very difficult to say exactly how long marijuana can stay in your system. It actually really depends on your intake of marijuana and your regular habits concerning marijuana. There are in fact a few factors that contribute to marijuana staying in your system. If you are a first timer with weed, it will stay in your system for about 3 to 6 days. If you are used to taking weed and do so on a regular basis, then your system can take anything from 10-12 days to clear up. Lastly, if you are a heavy consumer of weed, the drug can take as long as 2 months to clear out of your system.

Powdered Urine – Passing the Drug Test; TestClear

Drug testing for employees has become the norm in most companies in the U.S. May corporate giants as well as smaller companies have strict policies about using or abusing drugs and randomly screen their employees for drugs. Most employees are averse to this form of privacy invasion but the important thing to understand here is that these tests are necessary to determine your work place functionality. The good news is that most employers opt for getting urine tests for their employees and it is quite simple to pass a urine test using powdered urine. Urine tests are also less accurate than blood tests so that also works to your advantage.

What is Powdered Urine & How Does It Work?

Powdered urine is simply natural human urine that has been dehydrated through a special process to turn it in to powdered form. This is 100 per cent natural. This form of urine is designed for the purpose of passing urine tests. You can get these from any chemist and it comes with a kit. The purpose of the kit is to instruct you to on how to use water at an optimal temperature to mix with the powdered urine to create natural human urine.

Preparing Liquid Urine from Powdered Urine

Powdered urine comes in different kits and brands. But every kit will come with a few standard things including powdered urine, heater strip, temperature strip and a manual with instructions. Even though this instruction manual will contain all details of how to prepare synthetic urine, here is a general idea of it is done.

The first step is to pour the powdered urine in to the testing vial. The second step is to measure how much water is required to put in the powdered urine. Next, you add the heating strip to the liquid urine to bring it up to optimal temperature. Check the required temperature then using the thermometer strip that was included in the kit.

These steps conclude the preparation of the synthetic urine. You can now use this urine and send it to the laboratory for testing. Remember, TestClear can help avoid all of this.

How Reliable Is Powdered Urine?

Powdered urine is a completely reliable way of faking your urine test. Because the powdered urine is 100 per cent natural human urine, it can reliably be converted to human liquid urine and is completely natural. There are certain requirements that need to be checked however, in order to ensure that the urine is reliable and is not caught as fake in the lab. These requirements include gravity, pH, nitrate, urea and temperature. Gravity of the urine must be in the required range of 1.005 to 1.030. The odor of the urine must be real and the color must also be like normal urine. The pH range of the urine must fall between 4.6 to 8. Urea is a must; urine is not real without the presence of urea. Normal urine does not contain any nitrates and hence, your powdered urine must be free of nitrates. The temperature of the urine must be 28 to 32 degree Celsius in order to pass the test.

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Lastly, here is a simple 10 day detox plan you can follow.

Most employers have drug testing as a routine activity in their organizations and if you want to keep your job and also keep smoking up whenever you feel like it, you will have to invest time, energy and money into the 10 day detox plan which is going to save you from a positive in your drug test. It is basically a product which you use to cleanse your body for 10 days so that you test clean for all blood and urine related drug tests.


Many factors actually go into having a negative on your drug test such as your body weight, drug usage, how many days you have abstained and so on so of course the brand cannot guarantee 100% results but thousands of drug users have passed their tests by following the instructions so it is a good product to have on hand.

There are other options that work in 5 days or 6 days but they are typically less effective as 10 days is the ideal number to test negative. You can combine this procedure with a detox drink such as Mega Clean or Test Clear for best effects. Testing yourself with a store bought home kit before your actual test is also going to help settle your nerves and help you make changes in your regimen if need be.

How Test Clear Works – Our Review

The Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox actually removes toxins from your body rather than just hiding them which is the case with most detox drinks. These drinks also have effects which last a lot less (ranging from two hours to 6 hours). With the 10 Day Detox you are clean for longer so there is no stress even if your drug testing date is postponed.

This program works to the point where you have small amounts of THC left. These can then be cleansed out with a detox drink or even drinking lots of water with a bit of lemon in it if you are on a budget and still want to pass.

With 10 day Detox you can just go ahead with a plain detox drink and you will almost certainly pass your test, whereas if you had used just the drink you would be taking a major risk.

The price is a little steep at $189.99 but it is a sure shot and gives you the best possible chance out there of passing your test. Cheaper methods such as Azo pills or Niacin supplements are taken which have all sorts of unpleasant side effects along with no guarantee that they will have the result you want. This product is made for people with excessively high levels of toxins in their system so you know it will work.

If you cannot afford this product you can always opt for cheaper herbal detox drinks which take longer to work but you can double your chances by drinking lots of water and repeating the capsule and drink procedure which they outline in the instructions more than once to be really clean the day of the test. We hope you enjoyed this Test Clear Review and that it gives you clarity.